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Gray lights

I’ve been hankering for a landscape shoot for some time now – it’s an itch that’s just begging to be scratched. I’ve been stuck, landscape-wise, since that trip to Layag-Layag (more landscapes from that in future posts). This is why in a fit of desperation, I set up my tripod at the back of the Folk Arts Theatre and took a shot at an overused (in every sense of the word) Manila Bay.

Gray Lights

It was overcast that day, the ground still wet from the rain. I was going for a minimalist approach and was definitely looking to shoot in monochrome, since conditions were pointing to shots that would look better in black and white.

First time at interiors – TOKI: Japanese Fusion and Fine Dining

Anti-social misfit that I am, I’ve always wanted to try out shooting interiors, since well, the interaction with others is limited. LOL. Anyway, I got the chance to do just that when I was “commissioned” to shoot the interiors of a high-end Japanese restaurant in Bonifacio Global City.


TOKI: Japanese Fusion and Fine Dining prides itself in being one of the most authentic Japanese fusion restaurants in the Metro, with Japanese chef Shinsuke Yonekawa at the helm in the kitchen. Food is a bit on the expensive side, so prepare you wallet if ever you decide that you want to try this place out.





From the vault: Low cost housing

Gripped by a sudden feeling of nostalgia, I decided to take a break from the Quezon seascapes for a bit and share something from way, way, back.

I took this for a college photography class, and developed it using old-fashioned darkroom techniques. It’s from a print I scanned, and you’ll have to excuse it for being a bit yellowed – it’s because of age. I have yet to discover how (if it is possible at all) to have my black and white negatives scanned and reprinted.

Watermark was added digitally, of course.

Real, Quezon: Seascapes

(Part 2)

Sharing another from my maiden foray into the world of landscape photography. A big shoutout goes to masters Dinno Sandoval, Jon Aguirre, JC Enriquez, Bong Malong, and Monte Corpuz for answered queries, tips and various loaned equipment.