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Into the Wild: Matawe Tidelands, Dingalan, Aurora

It seems I’m making a habit of being remiss in posting. Over my drowning in work over these past few weeks – articles to write, TV shows to conceptualize, emails to respond to, publications to supervise, and all that jazz – it’s a bit difficult to squeeze in blogging.

But here we are anyway.

I was fortunate enough to find the time last Christmas and New Year to join a couple of fellow photography hobbyists in conquering (or at least trying to) the tidelands of Dingalan, Aurora, for a year-end photo safari.

Many thanks again to Jon Aguirre, Dinno Sandoval, Jun Dacumos and Rodel Manabat for having me.

Heaven and Earth

The weather and cloud conditions weren’t cooperating for most of time were there and the waves were just crazy. I definitely need to learn more on how to make the best out of situations like these.

Over Here and Over There

The Sea that Conquers All

Long overdue: Regina + Shane

A couple of times I mentioned a wedding I shot last December, and I think it’s high time to post a few images from that set here.

A videographer friend of mine was scheduled to cover a wedding and needed someone to capture stills. He called me a DAY before the event. Good thing I was available, despite the short notice. This was only the second time I’ve gotten the chance to shoot a wedding (and take point as main photographer), so I naturally realize I’ve much more to learn.

So without further ado.

S+R - 01

S+R - 09

S+R - 14

S+R - 31

S+R - 18