Portraits: April

Itching to shoot anything, I recently attended a free workshop on portrait and fashion photography at the Collective, a sort of art deco shopping center in Makati. Here are a few shares from the photo shoot session that came after.


I don’t shoot portraits as much simply because I’m a bit uncomfortable making people pose – I’d much rather take candid photos. That’s not to say that formal portraits and fashion photography is bad in my book – there are actually a number of photographers like those whom I admire, such as Borj Meneses, Jay Tablante, and Jong Clemente.


In addition, I’m more predisposed to portrait sessions outside the controlled environment of a studio. More elements to play around with, more ways you can switch and change composition. I also have ZERO knowledge in lighting, which you need when you’re shooting portraits.


One caveat in portrait photography that many fail to appreciate though, is a model’s ability to project. Models (much like “photographers”) are a dime a dozen nowadays, but few can exude the feelings you need when they’re in front of the camera – regardless of how much skin they’re willing to show. Good thing April knew her stuff.

Shot with ambient light, no reflectors, ISO 1600 and a 50mm F1.4.

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