Something to tide things over

I’m still in the process of repopulating the blog and putting back as much of the old posts as I can salvage, but I hope to get into the regular swing of things as far as this blog is concerned, sometime in the next couple of weeks. I’ve a lot of new stuff to put up including travelogues from Singapore, Baguio and Coron.

In the meantime, here’s something from the 2011 Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival.


Where to eat in Puerto Princesa, Palawan: Ka Lui

Let me begin a series about me and the wife’s trip to Palawan with Ka Lui, probably THE most popular restaurant in Puerto Princesa City. Located along Rizal Ave., the city’s main thoroughfare, the restaurant is owned by the eponymous Ka Lui, a former tour guide who put up the establishment a couple of years ago after some prodding from family and friends who were more than impressed by his cooking.


Personally, I think the place has been in business for more than a decade, based on my visit to Palawan maybe 15 years ago, but it definitely has grown significantly, and business is booming. You usually need to make a reservation at least a day before to be sure to get a table, especially at dinner time, and the while dining space has grown much bigger than I remember. One of the things that’s quaint about the place is that you leave your footwear at the door. There are lockers and numbers assigned to your shoes or slippers so you can easily claim them when you leave. Even the waiters are barefoot. And for those who have doubts about going barefoot in the loo, even the restrooms are squeaky clean. The soft lighting, the Filipino decor, ambiance, and even the kundimans¬†and classic OPM songs that play in the background complete the authentic, native feel of the restaurant.

The prices are very reasonable and the food is delicious! If it’s your first time, order the Special Set of the Day. It’s good for two, and costs anywhere from 390 to 420 pesos. Included in the set is a starter of lato (a kind of seaweed), which you squeeze some calamansi (citrus) over to take some of the saltiness / sea taste away, followed by a vegetable appetizer which changes everyday, based on what’s fresh at the market. There’s also the signature dish, tuna steak, as well as shrimp (or lobster) cooked in butter and garlic. Another seafood dish is included in the set, again depending on what’s freshest in the market. You’ll also get two cups of rice. A dessert of mixed sliced fruits served in a coconut shell and topped with muscovado sugar is complimentary for all diners, regardless of what you order. And did I already say that the food is delicious? Just thinking about the food makes my mouth water.


You’ll have to excuse the lack of photos of the food, since we were so famished that we realized that we had to take pictures after we were stuffed and full.


Nichols Interchange at night

Passing Through

Up this time around are some nightscapes from a popular spot, the Nichols Interchange in Taguig. Had to wait for a chance to have a couple of other hobbyists shoot the spot with me, as the place is a bit dangerous when you’re shooting solo – or even in tandem, for that matter. We were eight in all, a number of whom were pretty big and imposing, so nobody bothered us that night. Whew.

Stop, Look and Listen


Sunset at Payong Point, Batangas

It’s good to be back.

Had to be away due to some personal matters that I had to attend to, but here’s something to start the ball rolling – some images from Payong Point in Nasugbu, Batangas.

Lines in the Sea

Lines in the Sea

Front and Center

Front and Center

Nightscapes: Bonifacio Global City

More often than not, I find myself hankering to go out and shoot landscapes. Unfortunately, I do not always have the time and / or the resources to go out on trips and capture sunrises and sunsets. Especially now that my big day is drawing near, I find myself with more and more important things to do, so naturally, my desire to take landscapes has to take the backseat for awhile.

One of the things I use to tide things over in the meantime though, are nightscapes. Here’s one taken at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

Suntok sa Buwan